A Legislative and Political History of OTA

Has our obsession with crime drama lowered our right to privacy expectations and raised our tolerance for authoritarian forms of rule?

La Boca

How Small Modular Reactors and Microgrid Systems Can Reboot Atomic Energy for 21st Energy Demands

The Problem with Nuclear

CCBY: Pixabay

The Role of Citizens in Technical Decision-Making

CCBY: Pixabay

The Current Role of Citizens in Technical(ogical) Decision-Making

A Case Study

The Politics of Technological Determinism: Authoritarian vs. Democratic

The Rise of Institutional Authority in the 20th Century

Courtesy: Designing Buildings Wiki

Overview of Institutions

  1. Mass production of the early 20th century,
  2. Military research efforts proximal to and between the wars,
  3. Post-War “big science,” and
  4. The Internet at the end of the century.

Technological Advancement Facilitates the Growth of Scientific Institutions

Characteristics of an STS Approach

Dymaxion projection (CCBY: Chris Rywalt | POVRay)

STS Considers Indirect Influences on Policy and Public Opinion

Anton von Leeuwenhoek sporting a sassy ‘stache. (Courtesy: Rijksmuseum)


320 Million Institutions of Authority: Essays on Science, Technology, Society, Privacy, and Politics

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